Corrugated Tubing


What is Corrugated Tubing?

  • Also known as flexible conduit

  • corrugated conduit

  • Nylon corrugated tube

  • PP corrugated conduit

  • Excellent flexibility

  • resilience

  • softness and recovery

  • Resistant to external impact and abrasion.

With its good mechanical protection and electric insulation, our corrugated tubing is widely used to protect the wires in harsh environments such as outdoor facilities, automotive wire harness, automation equipment, etc..

Good Gi is specialized in the production of corrugated tubes with full size tooling.

Customized requirements (raw materials, size, color) are also welcome.

other Corrugated Tubing

Photo Product Name Material Operating Temp. Flame Rating
product Polyamide(Nylon) Corrugated Tubing
Nylon6 -10℃~120℃ VW-1
product Polyamide(Nylon) Corrugated Conduits
Nylon6 -10℃~120℃ VW-1
product Polypropylene Corrugated Tubing
Polypropylene -40℃~100℃ FMVSS302
product Polypropylene Corrugated Tubing
Polypropylene -40℃~100℃ FMVSS302