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Established in 1988, certified with ISO9001:2015, Good Gi is a professional company in producing and selling insulating tubes.
Our manufacturing sites are located in Taiwan and China and our products are complying with UL, CSA, SGS and other certifications. 

In 2016, invested Shandong KY New Materials for low-pressure injection materials, adhesives and developing new materials to provide solutions with waterproofing and bonding.


Non-conflict minerals policy - Never purchase or use conflict metals

Armed rebel organizations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and surrounding nations operate through metal mining and trading and cause many social and environmental problems, including human right violations, armed conflict, and international disputes. The minerals are tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W), and gold (Au), also known as the 3T's and gold (3TG). 3TG derived from DRC and neighboring conflict areas are called conflict minerals. As a corporate citizen responsible for protecting human rights and ameliorating armed conflicts in DRC and neighboring nations, we support the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) established by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSi). We also declare our non-conflict metal policy on our official website to demonstrate our dedication to social responsibility.

Our commitments:

1. Never purchase conflict metals produced from DRC or neighboring nations.
2. Demand our suppliers to never use conflict metals from the conflict areas. If the material is produced in the conflict area, it must be from a non-conflict mine approved by a third party. Please immediately notify us when non-conflict minerals are found to have been unintentionally used in our products, so we may adopt necessary measures. We will also do our best to investigate the source of metal of our suppliers. We adopt CFSI's Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) for our investigations. We demand our suppliers to disclose mineral sources and sign the non-conflict mineral commitment letter, and expect our suppliers adhere to our non-conflict mineral policy. Through responsible procurement management, we ensure that Hodaka and its suppliers obtain materials from areas other than the conflict regions and adhere to customer and regulatory requirements.



Programmable Temp. & Humi. Chamber

With double compression motors. Testing the flexibility, cold impact in low temperature and deformation rate in high temperature from 200 ℃ to -70 ℃.

SII SEA1000A X-ray螢光光譜儀
X-ray Fluorescent Analyzer

Detecting harmful heavy metals in plastics and electronic components to analyze the ppm of Cl, Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, Cr according to RoHS specifications to ensure that the product is free of harmful substances and meets the goal of green energy production.

Aging Oven Tester

With the function of measuring the amount of ventilation from 0 ℃ to 400 ℃. Used in high temperature resistance, thermal shock, heating deformation rate, aging characteristics, etc.

Servo Control System Tensile Strength Tester

Testing the compression, bending, tensile strength, elongation at break, peeling, shearing force, adhesion for rubber and plastic sleeves, metals, wires, etc.

Voltage Test Machine

Testing the destruction voltage, rated voltage, volume resistivity and etc.

Programmable Temp. & Humi. Chamber

Conform to ASTM specification for constant temperature oil resistance test.

Horizontal/Vertical Flame Chamber

Testable horizontal / vertical burning test for UL 94 V-0, V-1,V- 2 or UL94HB ( According to ASTM, IEC, ISO) Used in flame resistance and flame retardancy.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Testing range from -70℃ to 200℃. Testing product will be withstand the continuous environment of high and low temperature in an instant.



Good Gi Co.,Ltd was founded

We aimed to specialize in the manufacture of E-class insulation materials - Polyester wire braided sleeving.

Fiberglass Silicone Sleeving

We started to produce H class and C class High-Temperature Fiberglass Silicone Sleeving and Flame Retardant Fiberglass Ribbon and also received UL/CSA and other international certifications.

PVC.PP.PA Extruded Tubing

We started to produce Polyvinyl Chloride Tubing and Polypropylene / Nylon Corrugated Tubing.

Certified with ISO9001:2015

Extruded Tubing are complying with UL, SGS certifications.

Good Gi New Materials (Dongguan) was set up

We set up GoodGi New Materials (Dongguan) to serve customers in China and also became the agent of Shandong KY New Material for adhesive products and started a sales department for chemical materials.

Taichung Branch was set up

We set up a branch office and sales department in Taichung for machinery and equipment automation industry.

Thailand Branch was set up

We set up a Branch in Bangkok, Thailand, mainly for the selling of home appliances and auto wireharness.